Monday, March 5, 2012

firefighters, donuts, and kindness

Something has happened to me since our last little act of kindness.  I've become addicted to the feel good that comes from doing good.  Ever since that grocery store trip, I've been thinking up ideas of things we can do to keep it going.  More importantly, I've been thinking of things we can do as a family, to plant seeds of kindness and to nurture a spirit of doing for others in our boys.

On Saturday we delivered boxes of donuts to our local fire stations.  Maybe it's because my brother is a fire fighter and I know a little bit more than most about the character of a firefighter, or maybe it's because I knew the boys would get excited about it, I don't know.  But, it seemed the perfect idea.

In case you don't have a brother who is a firefighter, let me just tell you, these guys are seriously committed to being heroes.  And they don't think of themselves as heroes.  Just the opposite.  It's a duty, a calling, an honor, a service.  It is not a job.  If your house is burning down, these are the guys who show up, even in the middle of the night.  Regardless of your social status, regardless of whether you will be grateful, regardless of whether you deserve to be helped.  They will rush into your burning house and save you and your babies and risk their own life in doing it, all without thinking twice.

And, I can tell you by the look of surprise on the faces we saw Saturday, not many people take time out of any given Saturday to drop off donuts to the guys {and gals} who have been up all night, running calls, and coming to the aid of those who need help, all while we slept.  That is so sad. 

And, really what does it take?  It's so easy to grab an extra dozen next time you get donuts and drop them off at your local fire station.  I promise it will be appreciated.  And, probably like me, you will become addicted to the high of doing good.

I can hear sirens as I type this.  Oh, the irony...

When Grant hears a fire truck he says, "Mama, hear that fire truck?  He is going to help somebody."  Even at two, he gets that. 


  1. You're amazing! Love you sis. I showed you're brother and I'm crying as I'm typing this. Thank you for all you do,

  2. Amber this post says it all. Little acts of kindness goes such a long way. This was the sweetest post and a wonderful way for me to end my night. Thank you- and I adore this idea like no other!

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