Thursday, March 8, 2012

junk in the trunk

The other day while shopping at Target, Reid decided his life simply could not go on without this little tchotchkie.  Of course I said no.  We have so many tchotchkies that never get played with, way too much clutter, and I was feeling so not motivated to spend yet another $10 on something that would end up broken and in a pile of things we thought we couldn't live without, but now don't care about at all.  No thanks.  Pass.

So I started in with the Mommy lecture about how we already have too much stuff and your room is a mess and blah, blah, blah {we all have this one in our back pocket, right?}

And it's the truth.  Check out this mess of a closet!  Can't even shut the door!!  And forget actually ever finding anything. 

And, then, in a stroke of mommy genius:

"Hey Reid, you want to earn the money to buy that?"


"By donating some of the things you don't play with anymore.  For every 27 things you donate, I will give you a dollar.  Once you have done that 10 times, I will give you the tchotchkie." 


I put it in the cart, bought it and then proceeded to hide it the moment we got home.

Reid and I started going through his room and tossing things in bags.  He earned the first $5 in less than 30 minutes.  If he gave away and entire collection, I just counted it as $1 {Silly Bandz, anyone?}

It worked like a charm.  He was excited to earn the thing he wanted and we are well on our way to decluttering his room....

And bonus, I didn't have to give or throw anything away without his full consent.
{we all do that, right?  we just wait for them to be at school or wherever and then, bam!  see ya later ugly toy that makes a mess and we never play with!  I always feel guilty about that afterwards}

Check it out! It's not complete perfection by any means, but it's serious progress.  Whoop!  3 points for Mama!

{AND....we did some good!!  Toys to kids who are less fortunate.  Yes, please!!  Win, win, win!!}


  1. My wife is awesome, pure genius and we were able donate to others. I love my wife she is amazing.

  2. I do this with my kids all the time, usually right around Christmas! They feel so good about giving to those that don't have as much stuff as they do, plus it gets them excited to have more room for more (see why Christmas time works so well?)!

    My son is obsessed with that Skylanders game, he just broke the piggy bank to purchase the game on his own Those figures are so hard to find in AZ...are they in your neck of the woods!? I feel like a crazy mom calling every single store trying to find a new one, but now I am on a personal mission annoying, but I can't let it go!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Meant to say...what in the WORLD is that thing he picked? Funny what our kids MUST have. Lily is the same way! Love your idea of earning it by giving other stuff away!!!

  4. where did you donate the toys? I hate to throw things away, so if I have a place to send them, this would be awesome! Great idea!


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