Tuesday, March 6, 2012

tuesday randomness via instagram

It's Tuesday {again}...and you know what that means.  Tuesday Randomness.  Just a few moments from our week captured on my instagram app.

I hope you all aren't getting sick of my little weekly tradition!! 


Splashing around at Dog Beach in the beautiful weather over the weekend.

One day last week Mark stopped at the florist on his way home and picked up some hydrangeas.  I love hydrangeas.  I have tried {unsuccessfully} in 3 different houses to grow them, but since it always seems to end in frustration, I have resigned myself to buying them occasionally at the store.  {PS If anyone knows the secret to growing hydrangeas, I would loooove to hear it!}

Reid is an avid reader.  We named him so appropriately ;)  He picks up a book every time we get in the car.  It makes me happy that we don't have a tv in there.  

Reid's baseball team...the Black Cobras.  Last Saturday was opening day.  Bleachers, snack shack, and mommy cheering from behind the dugout...baseball season, here we come!!

Love that kid.

Splashing in the cold water.  Reid doesn't care how cold the water is.  He just goes right in. 

Spicy{ish} sausage pasta.  One of my favorite weeknight meals.  It takes about 30 minutes to make a batch and feeds us for at least 2 days.  Gotta love that.

Sweet, sweet Grant in his new button up shirt.  Love.  He told me this morning, "You're killing me smalls!"  Oops.  When did I say that?  Haha.  The kid cracks me up.  He is, as my mom calls him, a recorder.  Mommy has to be VERY careful with what she says!!

Reid and Daddy walking Sam to the dog wash.


Happy Tuesday Friends!!


  1. great insta pics! glad you all had a great weekend!

  2. I love our family, and the adventures we have together. I love you very much. your husband <3

  3. I find it so stinking cute that Mark writes comments!!! Love the Tuesday updates! I have a few hydrangeas that I've had good luck with. I've found that if I buy the BIGGEST ones to plant, they do best. They like water too...lots!

  4. I should add that I don't think the white ones are as hardy. My most successful one is pink.

  5. That's funny... I LOVE hydrangeas, and they're literally the only things I can grow! Good thing!!! : ) Love your Tuesday Randoms by the way!

  6. Mark you get an AAAA+++++but I get her for Blake Shelton!!!!!!

  7. Your boys are really cute. I've known you since you were just a little girl...you and Roxana playing together all the time...I'm really proud of you. You are a good mom and wife. =)

  8. Here are my mom's tips for growing hydrangeas:
    When she first planted her plant, there were no blossoms, so she just bought some from the store and stuck them in the plant to look pretty. The next season, they grew on their own. The winter after that was very wet, and since then, her plant has flourished!
    She said they need A LOT of water, like a leaky sprinkler! She also said they need to be on a certain side of the house, she thinks south, although hers is on the northwest side.
    My mom lives in Riverside, so she's in a desert climate, which is not ideal, but somehow (probably the leaky sprinkler!) her hydrangeas are envy-able!


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