Tuesday, March 13, 2012

tuesday randomness via instagram

It's Tuesday!!  I hope your week is off to a great start!!  In case you're new, each Tuesday I do a little round up of our week via cell phone snapshots taken with my instagram app. 

Nothing too serious, just a little peek into our day to day around here. 

Here we go...

My little launch pad on the floor of the workshop.  Purse, glasses, keys, calendar, water bottle...Check!

Reid getting all suited up to play catcher.  He was super excited.

Our calendar is insane this week.  Baseball 6 days, a birthday party, a play date, and a trip to Vegas!!  Whew!!

Team huddle after the first game.  They were down by 4 and came back to tie it.  Wahooo!!

The book I mentioned in last week's post.  All dolled up and being sent out to a sweet Facebook fan.  It makes me happy to pass it on.  I hope it keeps going on and on...

Our bulldog Samson follows me wherever I go.  He sleeps in front of the workshop door while I work.

My favorite flats.  Love them.  The only way I wear flats is with flare or trouser jeans because I am short {5'2"} and I have big feet {size 9}.  Flats aren't exactly flattering with that combo.  I'm just saying...

Grant watching big brother hit the ball.  When Reid gets up to bat my hands sweat, my heart races and all I can think is "please hit the ball...please hit the ball."  And then of course I go crazy when he does.

I was trying out a fun new color combo...orange boxes with plum ribbon.  I like the summery punch of color.  Still partial to my navy and plum combo though.  What do you think?

A few vases of ranunculus lining the dining table.  It's starting to feel like Spring!!

Sweet boy....so pumped to play catcher.  Look at that proud grin!!

I made Grant soup and he loved it.  Can you tell?!  Ha! 

Cocoa truffles my mom brought me from Trader Joe's.  Holy cow.  Chocolate is my weakness anyway.  But these are unbelievable. I hid them so I don't have to share.  Not even kidding about that.

Working tired.  With a Diet Coke.  And oh, what do you know?  More chocolate.  I have a problem with chocolate...


  1. Love the shoes! Where are they from?

    Just my little vote, I like the new color packaging. I still like the navy and plum too but if you were wanting a little change, I like that color combo too!

  2. You and I are a lot alike. Whenever I am working I have diet coke and chocolate or something of the next to me... o n you can't forget about my french bulldog that is sleeping next to me! My opinion on your packaging? I absolutely love your navy and plum colors

  3. To my lovely wife thank you for running a business,taking kids to school,keeping a clean house and on and on .....I am thankful for all you do. Je t'aime ton mari <3

  4. I was just going to send you a note about getting the book. Thank you. It totally made my day that you wrapped it up in super cute ribbon. Thank you for sharing & I can't wait to pay it forward when I finish it. I LOVE your new color combination by the way! A little change is always good.

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