Tuesday, March 20, 2012

tuesday randomness via instagram

Hey there!!  Happy Tuesday!!  Each Tuesday I share a few snaps from our week...little moments of randomness captured on my instagram app.

This app has made me so lazy....the fact is I hardly EVER bust out my big fancy pants camera anymore.  It's just so much easier to take a quick picture with my phone.  I need to be better about the big camera thing...oh well.

Ready for this week's insta pics?  Here we go...

I spotted this vintage chair in an antique shop...love at first sight.  That pillow too.  I've been back several times to visit...sigh.

Somehow Reid convinced my mom to play Wii.  I came around the corner and just started laughing.  My mom isn't really all about video games.

Grant loves to dig around for treasures in Reid's room while Reid is at school.  I was doing dishes and turned around to find...oh hello Clone Trooper.

This sweet love note came across my fax one day last week.  In French no less.  Holy cow.  My husband is pretty amazing. 

Getting ready to head out.  I love this sweater on him.  Grant loads up both hands with matchbox cars every time we get in the car.  It takes me 30 minutes at the end of the week to clean them all out. 

Green cookies and milk to celebrate St. Patty's Day.

Lasagna = Comfort.  Yum.  This is The Pioneer Woman's recipe.

The boys decided they wanted matching shoes.  My sweet little men.  I snapped a pic while we were still in the store because I knew they'd be dirty within the hour.  And I was right!  Ha!

I got a pedicure last week with this new Essie polish called No More Film.  I loooove it.

Ranunculus in bloom.  These may be one of my new favorite flowers.  I need to head back to Trader Joe's and see if they still have them.

Reid was the top fundraiser for his grade level for the school Jog-A-Thon.  He received a certificate and a $25 gift card to Target.  He was pretty pumped.

A leprechaun catcher the boy made at school.

One of these kids doesn't belong in the bath!  Hmmm...

A shabby dresser I spotted last week.  I would love to paint something similar to this and put in it our tiny entryway as a little catchall.

Pretty clouds over the pier.

Mark took this last night from the deck upstairs.  Love the silhouette of the palm against that orange sky.  You can just make out the pier at the bottom of the pic. We are spoiled with gorgeous sunsets around here.

Twins!  They are alike in EVERY way.  It's crazy. 

I spent a rainy afternoon last week cozied up in an armchair with my laptop in front of the fire.  Can you see me in the screen?  Ha!

Happy Tuesday Friends!

PS If you haven't already, be sure and enter the giveaway from yesterday!!  The winner will be announced here on Thursday.


  1. j'aime ma femme, elle est incroyable.


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