Friday, April 27, 2012

I found my dream house.

My mom subscribes to at least 30 magazines.  I subscribe to exactly 2.  Every week she brings over all the ones that she has already perused.  There are seriously more magazines in this house than I can read and many go to the recycle bin before I can get to them.

But, I'm glad I got to the April issue of Coastal Living, because oh my goodness, look what I found:

It's my dream house.  I'm not even kidding.  You know what I'm so drawn to it?  Because it's simple and clean.  Uncluttered, unfussy, uncomplicated.  When there isn't crap on every square inch there is more room to breathe.  More room to live.  More room to rest and enjoy people instead of things.

Things are great.  Don't get me wrong.  I love things.  But, things so often get in the way of real living and real life.  Things require time.  Dusting and cleaning and putting away and arranging and I would just rather read a book.  Sit with my toes in the sand.  Enjoy the laughter and silliness of my kids.

It's just an idea.  But, I think the less stuff we have, the more life we have.  We live in a society that praises accumulation of stuff and accomplishments.  Do more, be more, have more, achieve more.  More, more, more.  But there is no end.  Once you get more, you need more.  It's a vicious cycle that keeps you from ever actually enjoying the life that is all around.

While I'm busy rearranging my picture frames and pretty knick knacks, my child plays alone in the other room.  No thanks.  I'd rather live cleaner, without the clutter, and have the time to play in the front yard or read a book or play cards or cook together.

I guess what I'm saying is that when you only have what you need, you get to enjoy all that you have.  When you have too much, the stuff and the clutter is such a distraction.   

The home shown above is a weekend house.  I'm sure that there are more "things" in their full time residence.  But, I think this family gets it.  I think they probably spend a lot of time together and I bet people sense their connectedness as a family.  I bet they spend very little time distracted by things and tech gadgets and keeping the tchotchkies arranged in perfect order.  I want to live like that.  I'm not there yet, but I'm getting closer.  And, you know what?  You can have that reality no matter where you live. 

Even if it isn't a cape cod on the water.  Your dream house and your dream life can be the one right in front of you right now. 

There is so much beauty in simplicity.  Honestly the older I get, the less I want. 

Here is a little experiment you can try this weekend.  Are you ready?  Carry a box or two to Goodwill.  Clear off a table top and don't let the clutter pile up on it.  Clean out a drawer and leave it empty...the less you have, the bigger the life.


  1. so beautifully put. thanks for the reminder!

  2. I agree with you. But I don't have a clutter problem except in my hobby craft room, because every time my Grandsons come over they go home with half my kitchen, including the groceries. But then what are grammas for. At least they come to visit me.


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