Monday, April 30, 2012

it's embarrassing

We moved into our house a year ago today.  I promised Reid we would make cookies and deliver them to our new neighbors and introduce ourselves.  We have never done it {insert guilt here}.

About eight months ago, there was a big power outage in San Diego.  I think it was out for something like 12 hours.  School was cancelled.  The power being out here is a big deal.  We live in San Diego, after all.  We are completely unprepared for disaster of any variety and we complain when it rains.  Mostly because we just washed the car.

Anyhow, it was a big deal that we had no power.  Oh, but WE did have power.  The only house on the street {or in all of San Diego county} with our lights, tv, and refrigerator humming away.  We own an equipment rental business, which meant Mark brought home a generator and powered us up.  Hallelujah.  I've never been so grateful to be married to the equipment rental man, let me tell you.

So, in trying to be a good neighbor, I sent Mark around to knock on all of the neighbors doors to see if anyone needed anything, because after all, we had power.  We could help.  I was especially concerned about the older couple across the street.  No answer.  No at the older couple's house.  Not at any house.

Of course they were home.  But, at first glance Mark looks like a scary guy.  He would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it, but our neighbors didn't know him.  He was just a big guy with a shaved head knocking on their door during a power outage.  Most people probably wouldn't have opened the door.  I probably wouldn't have opened the door either.  I felt awful.  What if they needed something?  We were trying to help and we couldn't because we never took the time to walk across and introduce ourselves.

Fast forward to last week.  A medical equipment company pulled up in front of our house and proceeded to deliver a wheel chair to the house across the street.  The one with the elderly couple {insert more guilt here}.  Are they house bound??

I told Mark "We have got to go over there.  I feel awful.  They should know that we are at least here if they need something."

The next day, contractors arrived and started building a ramp to cover the stairs that had been there before and making other wheel chair friendly accommodations.

That was it.  We picked up some brownies and Grant and I went over on Monday morning and introduced ourselves.  I left them our cell phone numbers.  We had a sweet visit.  I was right.  They are house bound.  And I am right here.  RIGHT HERE.  I could easily run to the store or the pharmacy, or bring dinner or whatever.

I am embarrassed that I let that go on so long.  I really am.  Here we are delivering donuts to fire stations, taking dog biscuits to the shelter, sending goodies overseas and my sweet neighbors across the street don't even know my name. 

Well, from now on, I plan to go check on my new friends.  Richard and Margaret.  I am awful with names.  I am purposely typing that here so that I can always know how to find them in case I forget.  Yes, Richard and Margaret.  They were as sweet as could be.  And they were thrilled to have the company.  Max, one of the many nurses who care for them around the clock walked us to the door and thanked me profusely for stopping over.

"Always remember a little child does wonders for an older heart" he said, pointing to Grant.

Richard and Margaret did good for my heart too.


  1. That is so true what Max said about little children doing wonders for an older heart. I really hope that in my older years, I will still be lucky enough to be surrounded by little kiddies!

  2. I love this is so very true! It made my day. hugs


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