Monday, April 16, 2012

learning kindness via dog biscuits

We are still going strong with our Kindness Projects and over Spring Break, we added one more to the list.  We spent an afternoon visiting the animals at the local shelter and we brought a box of biscuits and a handmade thank you note along with us.

We picked up the biscuits while we doing our shopping at Costco that morning and while I unloaded our groceries, Reid made a colorful thank you note to attach to the top of the box.

{It says "Thank you for caring for all the pets at the shelter.  From Reid and Grant"}

On our drive to the animal shelter I explained to Reid how the animal shelter works, that they take in all animals and that when people cannot care for their pets, or if homes with pets become abandoned, this is where the pets go while they wait for adoption.  I explained to him about how people volunteer their time and money to care for these animals and find them new homes.

Reid carried in the box of biscuits and gave them to the person at the front desk and then we  spent some time visiting with all the animals and walking through the shelter. 

Grant doesn't have much of a concept yet, but Reid is starting to understand the idea that things don't just happen automatically.  He is starting to get that there are thousands of people who do good things for others right in our community and that we all have a small part in contributing to a greater good.

It's a good reminder for me too, to be aware of others, especially those who do work that often goes unnoticed, and to remember to say thank you.

{If you want to read more about this project, here are the links to our first, second and third projects.  I've also added a kindness project tab to the right under the "categories" section}


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