Tuesday, April 10, 2012

tuesday randomness via instagram

I think by now you all know what happens around here each Tuesday...and since it's Tuesday, guess what??


Here's what we've been up to this week...

Mark and I went out to dinner with some friends to celebrate a birthday.  We stayed out way too late laughing at each other and drinking margaritas.  We paid for it the next day.  But...it was super fun. 

Coconut cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.  I have lost count of how many times I have made these, but one thing is sure.  If someone invites us over and asks us to bring the cupcakes what they really mean is to bring THESE cupcakes.  They are legendary.

Between the cake and the frosting, I use 1 1/2 lbs of butter.  Everything good has butter.  It's just the way it is.  The recipe is Ina, of course.  You can find it here

This is what my kitchen counter looked like early on Easter morning.  Butter, butter, more butter...

Opening Easter baskets.  They were pretty thrilled.  And these baskets were followed by two more baskets later in the day {one from each Grandma}.  Oh my, do we have a lot of candy and goodies around here right now.  Those boys are very spoiled and very, very loved.

Sometimes holiday's wear you out...I think I took this picture before 9am!

Saturday night we went to church and then came home and dyed eggs.

Until last week I had never actually boiled an egg before.  Crazy, right?!

Finished eggs.

I am still going strong on April's resolution.  The plan is to run every day for 30 days.  Mark has joined me, which is super helpful in the motivation department.  This picture was at the end of  my 4th run.  

As of yesterday I am 9 for 9...and I beat my fastest run time by 30 seconds last night!! 

 Fried pickles.  I'm not pregnant, but these are to DIE for!!  There are two local restaurants that serve them and I do seriously crave them.

Ice cream date with Mama while big brother had baseball practice.

Going through boxes last week I came across my very first Bible. A gift from my Dad.  How sweet is that inscription?  It's a treasure to me.

I am finally reading One Thousand Gifts.  I have read so many blog posts raving about this book, but I've never been able to bring myself to read it.  I have picked it up at Barnes and Noble several times over the last year, read the first chapter and put it back.  It opens with the scene of the author's toddler sister being killed by a truck.  Some things are just too hard to read.  But.  I am finally reading it.  It is very intense, but profoundly good.  I'll give you another update once I actually finish it.

A new design coming to the shop later this week.  My Facebook fans helped me name this one.  If you are on Facebook, I'd love to have you join us!

I took the boys  to Sea Word one day last week since we were on Spring Break.  We got to interact with the dolphins and get a super close view of the killer whales too.

It's really amazing how big and powerful they are.  I was in awe and also creeped out being so close to them. 

Sea World has the most incredible gardens throughout the park. It's by far my favorite theme park.  It's just pretty to walk around and enjoy nature.


Other random thoughts...

It is officially time for sunscreen.  Last week while we were out and about Grant wore flip flops and his poor little feet got sunburned.

I really wanted to do some spring family  photos, but...Reid is now missing his two front teeth.  Hmmm...

My mom made Reid this fun fort kit. Pics to follow next week!


Have a great Tuesday!



  1. Love the note from your dad, with your first bible. At the Easter service I was overwhelmed by the thought of HOW much He gave, and HOW much He loves us even in our worst of day's He is by our side loving us! What hope I find in that. Lot's of love!


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