Tuesday, May 1, 2012

tuesday randomness via instagram

Just in case you're new here, every Tuesday I share some random instagram pics from my phone.  It's become like a little photo diary of my week.  Tuesday posts are probably my fave.  Fun and completely random.  Ready?

Every Sunday we go to Panera for breakfast.  It's just a sweet, quiet time for us as a family.  It's one of the best times of my entire week. 

A new striped throw from Ikea.  I love stripes, I love black and white and I love this blanket.  It's a fun pop of contrast.  And it's pretty cozy too.  The chair is Ikea also and the pillow was a HomeGoods score.

This is my nightstand at the moment.  Lamp from West Elm, my current book, golden horseshoe, and my all time favorite picture of Mark and Grant....{on Mark's nightstand is a picture of me with Reid}.

Waiting to bat.  I love watching Reid bat.  I find myself yelling way too loud though.  "C'mon Reid!  Crack it!!  This one's yours!!  Run it out, babe!!  RUUUUN!!!!"  It's a little embarrassing.  I can't help myself.  It just comes out.

This little guy gets his schedule interrupted  A LOT so that we can chase Reid around.  School drop off, school pick up, baseball, boy scouts, etc.  He is a really good sport.  He was especially tired on this day, and he had to miss his nap.  Daddy cuddles made it all better.

New Converse slip on lavender sneaks.  Target.  I heart them. 

Oatmeal for breakfast.  With raisins, walnuts and big scoops of brown sugar.  This is my perfect breakfast.  Enough protein to keep me going, but not too heavy.

  The ocean after sunset.  I took this at the end of one of my runs last week.  And, speaking of...I'm done!!  I made it!!  30 for 30!!  I feel pretty happy about my little victory.  And pretty tired.  And pretty sore.  But, I did it.  I never thought I could, but I did.  Whoop!!!


  1. Congrats sis!!!!

  2. I love that last photo...that is absolutely gorgeous!

  3. I love caughting up on what's been going on with you on your Birthday... I need to meet you at Fridays! ;)
    Miss you Ber

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