Tuesday, June 5, 2012

tuesday randomness via instagram

Tuesday is here.  And you know what that means, right?! Randomness...

Here are a few pics from instagram this week.

Hydrangeas are my favorite.  There are some neighborhood girls that sell them in their driveway.  $2 a stem.  I'll take hydrangeas over lemonade all day long!

A custom Sydney necklace.  You could totally make that a date tag and use this as a wedding or anniversary gift.  I love it.

Chubby hands and red hair.  Playing musical chairs in the car and waiting for Daddy.  This boy is getting big so fast.  3 is right around the corner...

Reid and his manatee report.  He was proud.  This was a big week for Reid, so there are lots of pics to follow....next week I'll be more equal opportunity with my instagram shots.

Reid had his open house at school one night last week and my parents stayed with Grant so that we could give Reid our undivided attention.  That never happens.  It was really nice.

He is growing up into this smart, self assured little person and I am realizing that we are halfway between being a baby and being a man.  And that scares me to death.  I worry about giving him enough love, preparing him the right way, teaching him how to be a good person.  I worry about it all.  Being a parent is scarier than I ever realized it would be.

Mrs. Brown taught both first and second grade for Reid.  We are going to miss her terribly.  It feels very weird that we will have a new teacher next year.  He has grown so much under her care.

We are in the middle of playoffs.  Reid's team pulled off an upset in Round 1 and then lost by 1 point in overtime in Game 2.  But, Reid got the gameball.  I think that face paint helped him play harder, don't you think?!  He cracks me up...

We play again tonight...it get so intense at the games.  Our boys are only eight, but this playoff stuff, it is serious business.

Grant and his little friend.  He loves snails.  Like, really, really loves them.  I have given up the fight. 

We walked down to Pizza Port for dinner last Friday.  It's a fun, local restaurant and brewery.  And it's just a short walk from the house, which I love.  There is something about walking to dinner.

Thai Chicken Pasta from Trader Joes.  So good.

And I leave you with this.  My new iPhone case from Nordy's.  Tory Burch.  Yes, please.


  1. Lots of cuteness this week!!! Love it all!

  2. To my loving wife. I love that picture of your "case" you look beautiful. I love you, your husband.


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