Tuesday, July 3, 2012

tuesday randomness via instagram

Where to start?  I am actually alive and well, believe it or not.  Thank you for your sweet notes to check on me.  I'm sorry it seems as though I've fallen off the planet.  I'm trying really hard to figure out how to do all of this in the summer.  Reid is home and we are living a very unscheduled {but somehow still very hectic?} life.  During the school year, things are so regimented.  I have a very black and white work, blog and house schedule and it's all spelled out and organized nicely.  I need to come up with a practical summer schedule to help me get it all done and the fact is, that just has not happened. 

Anyway, I somehow found a moment to go through my instagram and thought I'd share some pics with you from the last few weeks.

There are lots...

The look of tired.  And also contentment.  Reid and I cuddled in bed while Grant took a nap.  I read my Better Homes and Gardens and he read his Lego Club magazine.  In the middle of the quiet he said, "Mom, I need to tell you something...I love you."  Awww...

I'm ashamed to admit that I am completely obsessed with Tom and Katie.  The People magazine was not in the mailbox for 5 minutes.  I read the article in between sips of Proseco and bites of Brushetta while I made dinner.  I'm a good multi tasker ;)

And then, right in the middle of that, my sweet friend makes a cookie delivery!  Whaaat?!  Oh my goodness, I am not exaggerating one single bit.  These cookies were amazing!!  They are called Lemon Crinkles.  Find the recipe here.  I wish they weren't gone, but the fact is I had to be quick with the camera.  They all disappeared within 5 minutes!

Grant's birthday waffles.  Whip cream and sprinkles.  The three of us sang Happy Birthday to him at the breakfast table.  He got very shy about it.  He is the sweetest little thing.

We headed to the SD Fair to celebrate the big birthday boy and had a great family day, just the four of us.  We had all the junk we could stand and then came home hungry.  I finally said to Mark, "I'm still hungry, but I just can't eat anymore of this stuff!"

A new shop addition....coming soon!

We hosted a little fire truck themed birthday party at the house for Grant and I put this little board together with some of my favorite pics of him.

Everything was "stop, drop and roll" themed.  These chocolate dipped marshmallows were a big hit.

{Thank you to my tireless brother and sister in law for working well into the night the day before the party stuffing the pinata, filling jars of candy, tying bows, dipping marshmallows in chocolate and installing "fire line -- do not cross" tape, Lol.  They are the best!} 

Favor bags for the kiddies...they had Big Red Gum and Hot Tamales {get it? I got a little carried away!  ha!}

{I got a ton of the party stuff from this etsy shop.  She was great to work with and I felt the prices were really reasonable}

My brother had mini turnouts made for Grant, pure adorable!!!

Guess what Grant is going to be for Halloween this year??

All three of my boys on Father's Day. Mark and my Dad golfed while my mom and I ran around and did a bunch of party prep.  Seriously 6 hours of errand running with 2 boys.  There is no way I could have done it without her.

Other big news in our house: Reid saved his money and bought a hamster.

He paid for everything.  The hamster, the cage, the food, the bedding, the toys, all of it. 

He named her Stephanie.  I have no idea where that came from.  But, there you go.  Stephanie it is.  I had to try really hard to avoid my own naming input here.

Grant and his little scooter.  It's made for 3 year olds.  It has two front wheels and it's made to be a bit more steady.  I have to drag him away from it. 

Grant and Stephanie.  We really all love her.  She is a sweet, furry little thing.

Feeding the ducks.  My Dad used to take me and now I take the boys.  It's just one of those simple things you never outgrow.

Toothy giggles and our furry little friend.

Sometimes I crash.  When that happens, I grab a stack of mags and some chocolate and recharge my batteries.  A little quiet and a little inspiration usually does the trick.

Blueberry Dutch Pancakes found in the Martha Stewart Living magazine.  Yes, please!

Summer is here.  We have been swimming and soaking up the water.  The most awesome thing about swimming with the kids is that they get absolutely exhausted.  We love to swim all afternoon and then put them to bed early.  Genius!

The view from a local fish restaurant in town.  I love looking at all the boats.

Handsome guys.

A seal looking for scraps.

Doesn't it look like they are having a really important conversation?

Samson the bulldog getting his bath. 

I hope you all are enjoying your summer and if you have any tips on how to balance it all with the kids out of school, I'm all ears!


  1. Thank You to my lovely wife for all you do for me and the boys, we love you. your husband

  2. glad you are doing ok....I missed hearing about you! Take the summer one day at a time....and enjoy the unplanned days....it can be tough, but you will make yourself crazy trying to be on a schedule like the rest of the year! One thing that has worked for me in the past is to have some things you want to do, write them on paper put them in a jar and pick one each day, or week depending on what is on those activities. The kids will like to have part in this! And one other thing that I try to tell myself is that we live in a place that is beautiful and that we have things to do all around us that are simple and fun! hugs

  3. Take the summer off too! You deserve it! Love you Ber!

  4. thanks for mentioning my little shop. It looks like Grant's bday was fabulous! What a lovely little corner of the world you have over here. Best wishes! Alison from The English Pea Studio

  5. I've missed your blog!!!!! Love all the pictures...you have the sweetest family! Let's get together soon!! Maybe next week?

  6. Wow all the photos are really really good and the first one is really awesome...that kid is looking so full of love with her mother there....the photos are really from your finest memorable collection...thanks for sharing these great photos!!!!

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