Tuesday, October 30, 2012

pumpkin spice cupcakes {and my mama}

Halloween is tomorrow and lots of us are baking up treats, so I thought I'd share one of my faves.

It's a total cheater recipe...so easy and so, so good! 


My mom has been spending about half the week with us and we get very excited when we know she is on the way.  Last week Gant and I made these cupcakes to celebrate.

Whether your mama is coming or not, these are seriously good cupcakes and pretty awesome with a cup of coffee too!

All you need is a box of Trader Joe's Pumpkin Spice Muffin Mix and a tub of store bought vanilla frosting. 

Make the muffins, let them cool and frost them up!

Then sit back and enjoy the quiet....no one will want to ruin the moment with conversation.


And just for kicks, here is one of me and my Mom last week.  She is beautiful and strong and brave...and she always makes a really big deal about my cupcakes.  Even the cheater ones.  We love her and everything is extra special when she's here.


  1. Love to all of you and your momma too....xo

  2. I totally stole this "recipe" from you and made them with my Princess this weekend. We used cream cheese frosting though and eat them for breakfast :) SO GOOD!!!! Love to you and your Mama <3

  3. Yum!!! I make the bread all the time and have done mini muffins but I'm going to frost the next batch...can't wait! Love your mom too!

  4. So yummy! When I saw your post I had to get some too. Working for TJ's all things are pumpkin right now and I hate to say it but you kind of get burnt out on it with pumpkin chai latte mix ( so good!), pumpkin soup, bread, butter, pie, RAVIOLI (haha) and even dog treats too, which I didn't try ;) lol. But my muffins were so good. I mixed chopped pecans and chocolate chips into the batter and they were as gooey as I'd hoped. Thanks for always inspiring your readers and especially me. love you. xoxo.


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