Thursday, October 25, 2012

the comfort of routine

{Lynne and Cathy.  Grant took this photo with my phone one morning.}

One of my biggest comforts is routine.  There are certain things that have to keep going, in spite of my grief.  I do not have the luxury of crawling into bed and staying there until the pain passes.

My only choice is to keep putting one foot in front of the other, each day.  There are little people who count on me.  That is just the way it is.

I have lots of routines, mindless things, the same each day, checks on a big long list that keep our life turning round and round.  This one is my favorite:

Every morning, after I take Reid to school, I head to Peet's for my coffee:

"Large Iced Caramel Latte, light on the ice.  Yes, whole milk is fine.  For Amber."

It's a pretty big coffee shop and there are lots of the same people who are there each morning.  There is a group of retired fellas right inside the door.  Grant gives them a high-five, on the days he is feeling particularly outgoing. 

There are college kids and business suits and people with their dogs sitting out front.  I know them all, although not all by name.

And then there is Lynne and Cathy.

They go for a walk each morning and then stop in to get their coffee.  We always seem to be there at the same time.  I first met them...maybe a year ago?  Grant would play a game of peek-a-boo, and then hide behind me, or bury his face in my neck.  Eventually he worked up to waving to them, and then soon he started bringing them little cars, lego creations and toys to show them. After awhile, he would run through the door and run right over to their table, pull up a seat, and start chattering away.

While I stand in line, he sits with them, talking and showing them the character on his shirt, telling them all the news in his world.

They take great interest in everything he says and they make him feel special and important.

They know about my Dad and about the journey to getting here.  They know Mark, and Reid.  And my Mom.  They pray for me.  They pray for my family. 

We sit and chat for a few minutes each morning about what the day holds and what's new since yesterday.

We talk about the blog and about writing.  Cathy is a talented writer and she has a blog too.  You can find it {here}  Her blog is exactly like she is, thoughtful and genuine and comforting, in a way that makes you feel peaceful and understood. 

Lynne is full of happy, bubbly energy and she can instantly talk Grant right out of throwing a fit.  Or right into finishing his pastry.  She has the magic touch.  She is always full of happy cheer.  It's contagious.

The people at Peet's thought we were all related.  Lol.

Grant calls them "my friends".  When we pull up to park, he says, "I wonder if my friends are here?" and when we leave he says, "Bye friends!"  And then when we see Mark, he reports about whether or not he saw "friends" at coffee.

They have become my friends too.  It's funny how strangers can become like that.  It's funny how much comfort they bring to my life.  The comfort of routine and order when things feel messy.  The constant of encouragement, friendship, kindness. 

My coffee routine holds so much more than my daily dose of caffeine.


  1. Amber, that is the sweetest post. I am so sorry for your loss. It is unimaginable. I pray that you are getting and giving the support you and your mother need right now. Hugs, mama.

  2. What a wonderful blessing to have them was like God put them in your life before all this so that you would be able to develop a relationship , and then they could be there for you, DAILY. That is so neat! Its not like you have to go out of your way to see them, you have the same morning routine you know? :)

  3. Such a sweet post. I do believe that people are brought in to our lives for a reason :) just like your "friends" at the coffee shop. I couldn't have said it better than the comment above mine :)

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