Friday, October 19, 2012

word searches, warm blankets, and margaritas


Here is something weird about me: 

In times of great crisis, I do word searches. 

Mainly because, in times of great crisis, I can't sleep.  So, I just do word search after word search until my pen literally falls on the floor and then I can set it aside and nod off.  It sort of mindless and sort of focused.  It takes my mind off the things that keep me awake at night and it relaxes my brain. 

And it keeps me off the sleeping pills.

Shortly after my Dad was diagnosed with cancer, Mark went out and bought me a gigantic book of word searches.  He knows me.  He knew the sleepless nights were on the way.

Every night I have a little ritual. 

I {or Mark} warm up big cozy blankets in the dryer, one for me and one for my Mom.  I hunker down under my warm blanket with my word search, and usually a margarita too, I'm not gonna lie.

And then, when I'm good and tired, my pen falls on the floor and I head to bed.


  1. Learned something new about you today. FYI, I love word searches too!!!

  2. Having a husband that knows you is a blessing in itself. Praying you can find peace and love in the little things as you forge ahead <3 Enjoy the weekend.


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