Tuesday, November 20, 2012

tuesday instagram: supper club

Thanksgiving is Thursday, so I thought I'd do a little post about hosting {made easier} and some of the things that I do to make it less stressful.
There is not much that makes me happier than having people over. I love it when our house is full and loud and those are my happiest memories.
Our home is not a museum. It's meant for using and loving and it serves our family.  I joke that everything in our family room is either wipe able, machine washable, IKEA, or Craigslist.  I don't want people to be nervous to put a drink down, or feel bad if their child spills a glass of juice.  It's alright....we live here, for goodness sake!
But, entertaining can be so.much.work. Clean the house, cook the food, stay up til 1am cleaning it all up. Not so awesome.

A few weeks ago I shared this photo:

Inside that cute chevron bag, was a notecard that said:
"Please join us for our first ever supper club,
Friday November 16th at 6:30pm.
Bring the kids and a dish to share.
The food theme is Mexican."
I handed them out to a few friends and last Friday, we all got together and had a big potluck and it was a lot of fun.
The kids played {nicely!} and the adults chatted and it was EASY. 
Here are my top 5 tips for hosting a little crowd {I think we had 20 altogether?} and making it stress-free....
1. Make cute invites. 
For the fun of it and also because when you take the time to do invites it sets the tone and feels like a real occasion and not a playdate.

2. Cook early.
I made this {massive} pulled pork.  I cooked half of it in the crock pot and the other half in the oven and it was done hours before any of my guests arrived and I was completely free to enjoy the party. 
On a side note, I have NO idea why I thought we needed 13.5 pounds {?!?!} of pork but I have a hosting complex that we are going to run out of food at any moment.  That has never happened.  But still.  There are worse complexes to have I guess.  {Actually the worst one is the one that prevents you from ever having anyone over at all...}
3. Have coolers...and be beverage prepared.
We had a cooler of water and a cooler of beer outside the back door.  Way easier than having people in the kitchen for drinks.  We also had pitchers of margaritas at the ready in the freezer.
4. Have kid stations.
We set up a tent in the backyard that the kids could play in, an air hockey table, a slot car race, and a Thomas track as well as and a bin of outside toys.  The stations were all over the house, so the kids sort of wandered from activity to activity and I never heard any fighting at all, which is surprising!  But they were busy and engaged and I think that helps a lot.
5. Easy table set ups...aka Burlap, Kraft Paper and Plastic Tables.
By now, you all know that I love a Kraft paper runner with crayons.  It gives the kids something to do while they eat.  It also makes for super easy clean up.  Those are long stem cabbages in the vase.
We rearranged the dining room and added two plastic tables {draped in burlap} and I shopped the house for every chair, bench and stool I could drag in.  All in all, we had 18 seats in there.  It was cozy, but it worked!
Do you have any good hosting tips?
I am already thinking about next month's Supper Club.....appetizers and cocktails to ring in the New Year, maybe??


  1. SUCH a good idea and your tips are awesome. Some of them seem super obvious, but then not always so much. I love that you always share the simple things. I also need to know where you get (1) the long roll of kraft paper and (2) long stem cabbages? LOVE

    1. Thanks Kim!! The best place to get the Kraft paper is Office Depot or Staples. I get the cabbages at my local florist. If you call ahead, they can pick them up for you on market day. And I'm glad you posted because I have been wanting to thank you for that sweet note you sent (which I saved). I really appreciate the kindness and your friendship. Thank you for taking the time-it meant so much. Xo Amber

  2. Great post! Please tell me, where did you get the chevron bags?

    1. Thanks! They are from whiskergraphics.com! :)

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