Tuesday, November 6, 2012

tuesday randomness via instagram

It's been awhile since I've done one of these posts....but I've been using my instagram a bit more the last few weeks, so here we go:

On Sunday we stayed home all day.  No alarm clock.  No church.  No visit with my Grandma.  No errands.  Aside from missing church and my Grandma, it was looovely. 
I did cook though.
I made these peanut butter cookies...

And meatballs and spaghetti.  The real deal.  From scratch.  It's the only meal I make that all 4 people in this house will eat.  No joke.  It's no 30 Minute Thursday though.  If I have help, this recipe takes 2 hours.  Without help, 3 hours.  I don't make it that often.  Eek. 

Cute invites I hand wrote and dressed up with glitter tape, chevron bags and twine bows.  More on that event later...

Date night!  This was actually "go out with a bunch of our friends night" but then that was rescheduled, and we figured since we already had a babysitter...why waste a perfectly good opportunity?!
{Reid took this photo - hello weird angle and cutoff head, but that's what makes it cute}

I noticed that I was the only one on instagram not posting a red Starbucks holiday cup last week.  I'm a Peet's girl.  I don't even drink hot coffee.  Also never lived outside California.  Maybe that explains it?!

Mailed in my absentee ballot.  {Roseanne Barr ran for President?!}

Gorgeous sunset.  We are so spoiled.  San Diego has the most amazing sunsets.

Halloween.  My little firefighter.  And his buddy, police officer Brady.  The cuteness kills me!

{Halloween was bittersweet.  I missed my Dad so much extra that day.  He always stayed at the house to pass out the candy while we went trick or treating with the kids.  He got such a kick out of the whole thing.  It felt very "wrong" to go on with all of that without him.  I cried most of the day, so I was really thankful that we had a houseful of friends and my Mom over that night to help take my mind off the missing}

Silly Sock Day at Reid's school.  Pink knee highs with bows.  Alrighty then.

Me and my littles headed out to the Harvest Festival at Reid's school.

My kitchen companion waited all afternoon on Sunday for me to drop something.  I think Grant gave him half a peanut butter cookie.
We don't feed him people food, but seriously sometimes that face is hard to resist.  Even in a fuzzy photo.
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Hope your election day is happy!!


  1. Love your Tuesday randomness and sure did miss it! Those exact words (about Roseanne Barr) came out of my mouth when I filled out my ballot! Love our little heros together!! Too cute!

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