Monday, December 31, 2012

12 resolutions in 2013

2012 has not been kind.  I'm just gonna say it.  2012  has been the worst year of my life.  I'm not trying to be dramatic here.  It's just honest.  No hardship, trial, or trouble that I have ever faced compares with the grief and heartbreak of losing my Dad.  Nothing holds a candle.

We made it through the holidays.  It sucked.  Christmas morning was filled with tears.  Every gift was a "cry gift".  My Mom gave our 9 year old the iPad that she had bought for my Dad on their 39th wedding anniversary.  He died not even 4 weeks after that anniversary.  Reid opened the iPad and I could have crawled into the corner and sobbed.

But, we made it through Christmas.  It's one of those things that I felt like we had to overcome.  One of the many ugly "firsts"...

And, now, finally, 2012 is over.  Thank God, because I'm over it.

We need a fresh start, a new beginning, like never before.  New opportunities and new experiences and coming together as a family.  What is important to me has never been more clear.

It was easy to make resolutions this year. 

I am following the same path I took last year.  12 resolutions for the year - a new goal or habit each month.

Until our life completely imploded last July, I was actually doing a really good job with my resolutions.  When I look back at that list, I feel kind of proud at how much went RIGHT those first 6 months.  A monthly resolution was a good way to go.

You can do ANYTHING for 30 days, because you know that there is a definite end.  It's a lot harder to stick to something for a whole year.  And it's actually amazing what can be accomplished in 30 days. 

You can check out last year's list {here}.

Some of my resolutions from last year were copied over to this years list, because they are good ones for every year, and lots of them are new.

If you are stuck thinking about how to come up with 12 resolutions, here are some tips:

*think about what changes or habits would make the biggest difference in your life and the way you feel...just like that quote above, "what would make you the most proud in a year?"

*think about what gets you fired up {being creative, organizing, writing, painting, etc.} and make goals or new habits around those things.  If you are EXCITED about your 12, you are way more likely to actually follow through with doing them.  You don't have to be excited about the process, but make sure you are excited about where you'll be on day 30.

*think about the roles in your life {business owner, mom, wife, daughter} and see if there are habits you'd like to form or things you want to do {or do better} in those roles.

*think about unfinished projects you've never gotten around to.

*think about that ONE THING you always said wanted to do, but never found the time is THE time!

Get out your journal, find some quiet and make 12 resolutions to make 2013 the best year of your life!!
Happy New Year!!


  1. 2013 will be a much better year for you and your family Amber, I just feel it! Can't wait to hear what your 12 will be!

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