Tuesday, December 4, 2012

tuesday randomness: catching up

Wow, it's been a little bit of a whirlwind the last few weeks.
Here is what I've been up to....via instagram, of course.

Finally broke down and got a Erin Condren planner.  I'd heard they were pretty awesome.  I've been using it less than a week and I am already completely addicted.

Prepped all these boxes and I am almost out again...tis the season!

Trying to steal kisses from this boy...
"Grant, please give mommy a kiss?  Pleeeease??"

Print from The Love Shop.  I got one for my mom too.  It was a little Thanksgiving Day gift.  Thanksgiving was pretty tough.  We needed the humor.

My Thanksgiving centerpiece: stalks of cabbage and brussels sprouts.  Love the colors.

Date night to see The Guardians with Reid.
{Fair warning: the Sandman dies about 20 minutes in.  Did not know that was gonna happen...it was kinda brutal.  We are not ready to see death, animated or not.} 
A walk on the pier to get out of the house and blow off some steam on a lazy Sunday.

The one time of year I get to shop in the girls section!!  Hats and scarves for my two favorites.
And pretty wrap too.  I could go crazy if I had a girl.

I was so excited when I got home and saw that Mark put the lights up! 
Monkey see, monkey do under the tree.  Lol.

Last years Advent was just way too much work for me and I was completely burnt out by the time Christmas arrived.  This year, I took the lazy route and picked up the Lego Advent Sets.  The boys are loving it.

My cute packages lasted about 10 seconds, maybe less.

Boots that I have been pining after that finally went on sale!  Yay me!!

The new Valerie necklace.  I am in love with it.

Working on the lights.  They always look so magical. 
{Shortly after this photo was taken, I had to make a 9pm Target run because we ran out and I had PROMISED Reid I'd get them done, even if I had to stay up all night!  I made good on that promise...and I also stayed up all night!!}
I hope you are enjoying the season!!


  1. So glad you're loving your Erin Condren planner! I love mine too! I agree, something magical about Xmas lights...especially on the tree, late at night when everything else is quiet and dark. Oh, and I LOVE the new boots and necklace! I didn't do my whole advent calendar production either!!! Just the $1 at Trader Joe's this year!!!!


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